Nova Supply Co.

Back again with another local. This one goes by the name of “Nova Supply”, and they will definitely supply you with true craftsmanship, quality and art.


Lucky for you guys, I have another local brand that is based in Brampton, Ontario to feature, that goes by the name of “Nova Supply”. After taking a good look at their clothing I must say, this is something different. Genuinely unique, as you’d be able to tell if you had a glance at the materials utilized and the style portrayed. Upon speaking to the father of Nova Supply, Clayson Fletcher, I then found out the small drops here and there are just the beginning of something much, much greater. To fancy your interests even more, everything is handmade by  Clayson himself which results in the extremely limited stock and the one thing everyone loves most- exclusivity. You can view their site here at If you’ve clicked on the link, you can find that the first thing you hear is a mellowing rhythm with riffs reminiscent of jazz. Great choice by the way, because as I’m writing this right now, it’s what I’m listening to at the moment. Back to the main point- you can also view the Soft Thunder look book which is now available here as well as view their previous work (will provide images from the look book later on). I’ll tell you more about the brand and what they have to offer in a bit, so continue on if you’d like to know more.

“It still feels surreal, like I don’t even think it’s really happening”

First and foremost, I’ll introduce you to their first collection dubbed, “Soft Thunder”. This collection is as beautiful as the vibes it brings and the aspirations shown. After producing clothes for over five years, true craftsmanship and quality is what Clayson is accustomed to and also what he truly believes in delivering. One thing that really caught my interest is the materials he chooses to use and how he uses them. Let’s put it this way- if you expect him to use a certain material to create a certain piece of clothing, chances are that you are wrong and he uses it to create something totally different and unexpected. The unexpected ones are always the best. This is also another reason to like this brand if you don’t already.

Just as important, creativity is something that never stops recurring within this team of creatives. This is something we can all appreciate because what they do isn’t easy. Coming up with new ideas, actually creating them and doing something with them. It isn’t easy at all. I guess another element that contributes to this is a vivid imagination. That’s a phenomenon I find mutual between us, and every other creative out there. One last thing is motivation. If you’ve got enough motivation to reach your highest potential, you’re set for success. Moving on, an aspect of the brand I naturally find interesting is the fact that all ideas are put into consideration and they use all of what they’ve got. They aren’t afraid to show who they really are and they put their all into what they’re most passionate about. Once that is acknowledged, that’s the point where you know the brand is something unique and purposeful. They just want to carry out their ambitions and I really do respect them for that. Props to Clayson and the team!

“Soft Thunder is an oxymoron, meaning to every heavy tremble there is always a soft escape. This collection is really about what goes through my mind as a creator, the frustration, anger, sadness, and that tiny part.”

Now what I’m about to share with you is not what I consider just pieces of clothing, but pieces of art that hold raw emotions. Like I said earlier, everything is handmade and all materials are hand-picked. This is where creativity comes to life. Enjoy.

Photo Credits: Calvin Cadogan / Instagram Handle: @North.Vision

Soft Thunder: A Collection By Nova Supply Co.

Gungo Peas

Price: $55

Material: Premium Knit

This piece comes in two colors, ‘Boil Plantain’ and ‘Olive Brown’. This is perfect for the upcoming fall season, being a turtleneck that you can wear with any outfit. The fit is also a bit loose, giving a baggier look meaning this is comfy as hell!!! Goes hand-in-hand with the material used- which is as soft to the touch as possible. Can truly say this is a fall essential.

Gungo Tee



Price: $35

Material: Premium Knit

Like the Gungo Pea, the Gungo Tee is thoughtfully executed featuring a back seam, dropped shoulders and a raw finish. As shown in the images above, it’s perfect for layering and ideal for the fall season. It can be worn with raw denim or trousers and a clean pair of essential shoes for that simple look.

The Emotional Cowboy

Price: $65-$80 (Yet to be determined)

Material: Heavy Lycra

These pieces stood out to me as soon as I saw them, because they are ponchos that I would actually like to wear on a regular day (not much of a poncho guy). However, what really caught my interest is the meaning behind the name and colors. “The Emotional Cowboy”, very clever name. Green represents calm and steady emotions, while Gold represents happiness and positive emotions. Featured on this piece is a design that says, “Nova, Peace and Love”. Now you can visually represent how you feel inside by styling yourself with this very piece.

Ripe Banana Tee

Price: $35

Material: Medium-weight Knit

This tee is perfect for those who like to stand out from the crowd, let alone be stylish as ever. A great essential to wear on a lazy day! Distinct from the other tees, this is constructed with a heavier blend of cotton which makes it warmer for the winter season and provides maximum comfort. You can wear this with the majority of your outfits. However, for a clean and simple look, trousers and a pair of essential shoes does the job.


Price: $35

Material: Light-weight Knit

This tee comes in two different colors, “Charcoal” and “Pink Coconut”. A back seam, dropped shoulders and a raw finish is featured on this piece. Texture is also what was focused on when creating this, as well as craftsmanship and quality. This is an all-year long essential, so I advise you to get one when they release!

To Conclude..

Before I close this off, you can purchase the collection starting tomorrow, August 30th, at 12PM EST on their site while supplies last. So if you’re interested, I suggest you set an alarm to guarantee yourself a spot in line. I would like to end this by saying thank you Clayson, for allowing me to write about your brand and the opportunity on getting to know more about Nova Supply and why you created it. This is just the beginning and I know greatness awaits. Thank you once again for sticking with me and this journey, feel free to like, share and leave feedback! Have a great evening!

Here’s a video you should watch. Enjoy.

Nova Supply: Soft Thunder


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