E for Eclectic

Eclectic! What a wonderful word.




  1. deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

After weeks of coughing up excuses for why I’ve missed out on many blogs, I’m finally ready to bounce back!


Thanks to the internet, finding inspiration through various sources has never been so simple. There are tons of different looks and designs created by millions of individuals around the world and not to forget about runway looks, you can even access archival collections. But let’s cut right to the chase. Being eclectic is amazing. There are always other options and alternatives but my favourite aspect is experimentation with one’s personal style. For instance, you may derive something from GQ or VOGUE for more of a high fashion look as opposed to sites such as HYPEBEAST or COMPLEX where the niche tends to move closer towards streetwear culture.


Other sources may include celebrities, particular eras, cultures and even video games and anime. Nonetheless, today’s world of fashion is very unpredictable (as it always has been- for the most part). We’ve seen mixes of streetwear and high-end garments appear in many recent collections it comes to no surprise when seen on the runway or in new look-books.


I realize I haven’t been providing much content lately!!! I feel bad. I promise you all there are more photo albums on the way as well as blogs.

By the way, if you missed it- check out my latest piece with Grounders Magazine!

Enjoy your night (out)!

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D for Deviant

22 days to go!


/dee-vee-uh nt/


  1. deviating or departing from the norm; characterized by deviation

Distinctiveness is important when it comes to being stylish. To have a personal sense of style is characterized as deviation. Dressing in clothes that have meaning to you (it’s already something if certain garments hold any importance) and being able to express yourself the way you desire transmits a message of self-confidence and purpose – the best part about it all is how the contrast varies from person to person. Everybody views fashion differently, besides the small niche (myself included) that gets the theory I’m aiming at.


Deviance is fundamental for growth and development, as we all know (I’d like to think so). Straying away from the norm and the decision to avoid conformity is a quality I find important in a society like today’s – with everything so saturated and identical it’s important to stand out from the crowd. This pertains to various circumstances; whether it’s for a job, academically or just generally speaking. To carry a sense of individuality is always important to keep in mind.

Shot by: Cody Haze (@codyhaze)

Logically, when an entity deviates from a crowd, the first feeling to suddenly emerge is interest. The reactions in particular are due to the rarity in play; unique pieces of clothing worn, colors, details, rapport- all the aspects of a taste in style but more importantly, a sensuality of aestheticism. Passion plays a significant role just as much as it does with everything else. For instance, take a look at what’s considered high fashion. Not everybody can pull off what’s being worn on the runway, let alone the majority of pieces available to the public. You’ll notice – if you haven’t already – how favored designers are deviant with their concepts creating disparateness and culminating execution. This results in iconic collections that end up sought after (even years and years later) and remain a piece of history.

Copy of 000078000008.jpg

Shot by: Jessica T. (@sicasucks)

What does the word “deviant” mean to you?

“I guess to me it means being critical of the natural cycles to which human beings, like animals, are assigned and breaking free from a life dictated only by preservation and survival instincts”

-Bianca M.

Art by: Bianca Weeko Martin (@badgyalbibi)

“Well deviant is something that goes against the rules or constructs of society. Less things these days are being considered “deviant behavior” so I believe as designers and creatives we need to try our hardest to deviate from society’s norms”

-Douglas T.

C for Creativity

23 days to go!




  1. the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness or imagination

It is without a doubt that the ability to be innovative with the transcendence of conventional ideas is natural among human beings. However, something I love to question within a conversation on this topic is the ability of creation itself. Sure, we all have ideas and are able to think of new techniques or concepts that can totally rehabilitate the way our lives move forward- BUT… what is it that YOU are really doing? Look at it this way; no matter how great an idea is, no matter how creative you are, no matter how the outcomes turn out to be — none of that matters if you aren’t able to execute with finesse. True creativity is what you do with that great idea… it’s what you do with your gift of creativity… it’s how you view these outcomes… it’s how you do it all… that’s what matters. Creation begins with an idea being brought to life; everything around you is there for a reason — you’re here for a reason. Create something out of yourself with passion. Bring yourself to life.

Creativity is conveyed in many ways. I communicate my creative energies through fashion, photography and writing. My personal style dictates how I’m feeling or how I want to express myself. Mixing and matching colors, experimenting with different types of clothing, beating a pair of shoes down to the ground.. All of it, I do for a reason. I understand that some people would beg to differ, indicating that clothing is just there to cover your body- no. Sustaining your sense of style is one of the healthiest ways to nourish yourself. It helps with growth and development as well; It’s one thing to be ridiculed for wearing what you want to wear, but it’s also another thing to get over your insecurities. Photography is what I use to ensnare the essential nature of this concept through the creative energies transmitted from other individuals. In every portrait I take, there is a vibe that emanates from the person being shot. Emotion, energy and rapport. This type of feeling is one-of-a-kind — nobody is able capture the same image nor kindle the same spirit. As for when I write, I tend to realize various things about myself, that I wouldn’t have before. This is why writing helps to ease my mind — it’s soothing to release all negative energy by converting it into fuel that encourages perception.

Shot by: William Scarth (@william.scarth)

I asked a few of my friends what creativity meant to them personally, here are their answers.

What’s your personal definition of creativity?

“Creativity is the image you see in your head that when you create it, you are proud.”


Shot by: Cody Haze (@codyhaze)

“Creativity is having a wide open mind. It’s a word that means different things to different people but having an open mind seems to be it’s universal truth. You’re creative as long as you’re accepting all of the differences that exist and using those differences in your own application (art, music, fashion, etc.) and I mean that in the most general sense. Apply it to anything.”

-Eske S.

B for Brazen

24 more days to go!


/brey-zuh n/


  1. shameless and impudent

I find that a lot of individuals these days go about dressing with a brazen assurance. Which is fascinating, I absolutely love the idea of it. The way I look at it- people who dress without shame are allegedly confident with what they wear or probably just don’t really care. Either of the two. In terms of having a personal sense of style, being brazen is a culminating way to describe oneself altogether. Once again, the same friend whom I discussed the avant-garde concept with has aided me with the selection of this fine word.

Shot by: Cody Haze (@codyhaze)

Brazen. This word is impeccable in respect to style and fashion. That’s the whole point of being comfortable in what you wear, really.

With that in mind, I asked some friends of mine the ensuing question and to follow are the results. The results are pretty intriguing, to say the least.

How would you describe personal style in respect to being brazen?

“Generally speaking, I’d say having the bravery (another “B” word) to warp your own personal style into ways that others may find shocking or unappealing at first, but doing so in a genuine, organic way while still maintaining your self-identity in your style is a good definition of personal style, when it comes to being brazen.”

-William S.

“The only way for you to have your own style is to be “brazen”. Can’t be in the court shooting shots you aren’t sure of, because most of the time you’ll miss. *not sure if that made sense* But all in all, It’s either you’re a sheep or a lion, sheep are scared and will be like everyone else, to be a lion, you gotta put on that big fur and roar with no shame. Claim it.”

-Clayson F.

“My style is anything but basic. Being bold with my fashion choices is what I’m known for. I’ve always had a taste for eccentric pieces and style. It’s so important to me to express how I’m feeling through my clothing and designs. People will continue you to judge you no matter what and you’ll never make everyone happy, so you might as well do what you want and push to inspire the people that are on your side! My brand is called ‘FEROX’ which means bold in Latin! I believe It’s important to continue to walk your power and own the choices you make because “FORTUNE FAVORS THE BOLD!””

-Tamiya A.


 Images shot by: Devon Wong and Donté Colley (@devonsmind, @donte.colley) for FEROX (@feroxthelabel)


A for Art

First letter of the alphabet! First day of style. 25 more to go!




  1. the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Human creative skill and imagination. No doubt that we all have this embedded in us. Some of us are afraid to show it, some channel it through passion and some just haven’t yet realized what it is they have to offer or how they would go about conveying it.

Photo 2017-03-10, 15 22 47

So, what is art? There are many ways to be artistic and it’s a known fact that everybody has distinct tastes and aesthetics that are sustained in ways only people themselves can tell you. (Just goes to show how complex the culture is nowadays). To my knowledge – and I’m sure everybody else can divulge – we’ve established that the top three immensely prominent realms individuals these days’ flourish in are visual arts; painting, photography, sculpting, etc…., music and fashion. Yes, I am all for the arts, especially for up and coming creative minds who have so much potential. Honestly, books can be and have been written about this topic because EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD IS CONSIDERED AN ART OF SOME SORT. There’s architecture, interior design, nature itself, you name it..


Shot by: Cody Haze (@codyhaze)


Personally,  I apply all three realms to my life but some more than the other. Photography is something I’ve integrated into my blog and I don’t regret it at all (more photo albums on the way btw) because it allowed me to channel my creative energies across a platform other than Instagram. Besides, catching moments that others aren’t capable of capturing is something I’m pretty fond of so I had the idea of compiling images taken at events and posting them as albums for the public to view. Now music, it runs in my blood. No, I don’t mean it like the majority of society does- my family really grows on a foundation partly made of it. Long story short, I grew up listening to everything as a child and since then I’ve acquired a taste for classics. Not to mention, I’m a musician myself, a drummer and a retired guitarist (didn’t really take it as far as you’d think). As you can probably tell, fashion is compelling to me. Over the years I’ve been trying to figure out what it is I’m really passionate about and fortunately the answer has been found. Intertwined was my love for fashion and photography- I ended up with this. A blog. Enough about me, let’s talk about other forms of art- in correlation to style- of course.

Avant-garde. A phrase starting with “A”. This was brought to my attention by a friend of mine and I also thought it was a great topic to discuss. You don’t see many articles on this topic which is also why it was deemed a considerable theme. Everything about it is beautiful. Sure, many would question the harmony of garment combinations but that’s the whole point. The possibilities are somewhat endless. Just like everything else, there’s a reason behind the concept.


Shot by: Cody Haze (@codyhaze)

Not only pertaining to the style itself but the masterminds behind the ingenious designs- the avant-garde concept in fashion has evolved since its early days. Designers such as Rick Owens, Tatsuro Horikawa and Yohji Yamamoto, just to name a few- are killing it nowadays just like they always have been in the past. What never ceases to inspire me is how different they all are, individually, but they still manage to inadvertently create with similar aesthetics. With the inspiration I find in their doings, I apply this to life by removing things that are unnecessary. However, the art of it all is keeping some parts that can be deemed unnecessary, left untouched because it has some sort of kick to it- if you get what I mean. It’s similar to designing pieces that may seem unorthodox. Designs that are unique (random pockets, stitching, distress- you know where I’m going with this) can be pertinent to life — think of it this way; we all have roadblocks or conflicts that exasperate us and there’s nothing we can do about it. These obstacles in life are those unique details on the clothing we choose to wear. We leave it untouched because there’s a reason behind the concept of it being there, but if we wanted to make modifications, that option is available as well. This is what makes style everything. There’s more to it than you know.


Shot by: Cody Haze (@codyhaze)

Speaking of concepts, allow me to explain my “26 Days of Style”. Originally, it was written as “26 Days of the Alphabet” in my notebook a little bit over a month ago (which says a lot about the title and those to follow) but I left it sitting and kept it as a thumb note to what could be an idea bestowed in the near-future. Bearing another hiatus, I decided to create some more content- except I had no ideas flowing (I had a block. THE WORST BLOCK.) so I looked back at my notes and found it. A 26 day blogging spree, if that sounds right. 25 more to go. Hope you enjoyed the first!



Hey guys!!! It’s been just over a month since I’ve posted and because I missed y’all so much I couldn’t let that duration stretch any longer. Now as you may or may not know, my good friends over at Prior had their first pop-up shop dubbed “The Dropout Collection” back in August ’16 and it was nothing more than a success. Jump forward to yesterday, the 11th of February, their second pop-up took place and it’s safe to say that it was more than just a shop. It was a celebration. It was a room with no boundaries. It was legendary. Thanks to Spacemanfrancis and DJ TWXLL, ’twas a very eventful night and the vibes were set at the right pace. A welcoming atmosphere, positive energy and everybody was there with a purpose. Not only to be a part of something monumental but to witness the ingenious work put together by the Prior team. With that said, many creatives in the city of Toronto were once again brought together in another prolific space. Without any further ado, let’s drop into their second collection.


They only get better. The details on every single piece is truly unparalleled and needless to say, production did not begin until each concept was made to perfection. Unfortunately, orders won’t be available due to an inventory sell-out. However don’t take my word for it, follow them on Instagram to stay updated!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This. Haven’t seen a well-constructed 2-in-1 jacket in a while. Perfect to wear all year long, especially with the three options it provides! Besides, who doesn’t like bombers and parkas? Especially together? As one? C’mon.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Twin to the AK-2, this variation of a bomber jacket never fails to impress me. If you think it looks dope online- wait until you see it up close. The material selection and attention to detail is insane! Not to mention, this jacket will keep you hella cozy when the days begin to end early. (AKA winter xP)


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Just like the AK-1, this is Prior’s variation of the bomber jacket- in blue.


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Brother to the SINI Sherpa, this pullover sherpa is as cozy as can be.


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Inspiration? Global warming. This is my personal favorite out of the whole collection.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A timeless design, the VALE Quarter Zip Pullover is the perfect go-to piece waiting to be in your closet.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Killed it. These hoodies are AMAZING. That’s all I have to say.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Keep your head extra warm during the cold season!

This isn’t finished yet. Soon I will be dropping an interview with the prodigious team behind all of this as well as opening a new section on the site where a photo album from their event will be showcased. Goodnight to all!

If there’s one lesson my team and I have learned these last few months it’s that you don’t get any closer to achieving your goals unless you show up every fucking day and put in the work necessary to do so. Even when we’re busting our asses and the challenges never seem to stop popping up, meeting up at 11pm after closing shifts or long days at school and working until the sun starts to rise, there’s something that’s been ingrained in our heads to keep pushing. To work with a new definition of 9-5 and to enjoy every single hour of the process.”

– Roy L. (Prior)


New Year, New- Blessings, Faces & Opportunities

First and foremost, I wish you all a happy new year! So far, everything is falling into place quite nicely and I couldn’t be more grateful for this kick-start of a week into 2017. Much love to my family over at Blank Canvas and Omit Limitation for sharing good vibes and energy, but also giving me hope that my dreams are always at an arms length. Now there are many things to look forward to in the coming months and without a doubt am I going to work my ass off to make it all happen. As I’ve taken my fair share of what social media has to offer, I notice a lot of love being spread around and many openly preaching about how 2017 is their year. Take this however you want, but if you don’t see any change occurring in the next couple of months, you aren’t doing anything- or at least enough to see where you’re actually headed. Nonetheless, I hope for nothing other than success for all creatives! Anything is in your grasp, remember that.

As mentioned earlier, most of us if not all, have such positive outlooks on this new year ahead of us and I can really feel the growth of love in our community. We’ve still got a hell of a long way to go but one cannot deny the fact that it’s true. Why is this important you may ask; love in a community is fundamental for development and growth. The way I see it, creative minds have been brought together through all of the recent events in the city and there’s only so many more to look forward to. That reminds me, if you have a free schedule over the weekend- GO TO BLANK (Blank Canvas Gallery). Nothing better than the appreciation of artists in the city and a world unknown- you’ll eventually understand where I’m going with that * chuckle *.

As you’ve probably noticed, I included faces and opportunities in the title as new blessings we’d all receive in 2017. Side note: get out as much as possible- this means your house, comfort zone, neighbourhood- just try your best to experience something new on a regular basis. Great examples: go to local events, art shows, pop-up shops, etc… anything that keeps the positive energy flowing. Meeting new faces only gets better especially if everyone you meet is in the same vicinity. Not only does this give you chances to build new relationships with others but also opens doors to many opportunities. Like I always say, never pass on em. Never know when they’ll go away. If there’s something I’ve learned from everything I’ve experienced so far in my lifetime, it’s to find something you’re passionate about and exert your utmost efforts to make the best out of it. The hard work is the easy part, honestly. The most difficult part for a lot of individuals is figuring out what they’re truly passionate about and what they can do to pursue it. However my friend, once you’ve got that in mind, you have a bright future ahead of you. (Not saying you wouldn’t if you don’t have it figured out lol).

Here’s something I want you all to do. If you aren’t content or satisfied with whatever it is you’re doing right now, think about how you can change that in the next couple of months. I know we all have something on the edge of our minds that we’ve been wanting to do for a while now but because of certain circumstances we can’t always carry out what that is. I can tell you right now, even the slightest effort made to leap forward makes a significant difference in the way you see and do things. Think about the law of averages. You do more, you get more in return. That’s just the way it is!

Have a great evening. Feel free to like and share!

Photos: Shot by myself @ Bubbly – A Salon Show – Blank Canvas Gallery (Until Jan. 8th 2017)

Here’s a tip: Christmas Parties – Last Minute Outfits (literally)

What to wear…

Crazy innit. The year flew by swiftly. Seems like time passes by quicker as the days go by. Honestly, this year was a huge learning experience- just like every other year. However with 2016, the vision was seen and is now something I constantly push for to make a reality.

As a helping hand for those of you who are undecided in terms of what you’re going to wear to any Christmas parties you have coming up, I thought maybe a few tips here & there would aid your ideas in mind.

#1. Whatever in your closet that seems Christmas-y is ideal!

Red? Green? White? Brown? Anything that has a jolly feel to it can be thrown on! Get going now!!! You’re going to be late!!

#2. No Christmas-y clothes? Don’t worry! Find a nice button-up shirt OR a plain tee to wear under a crew neck/v-neck sweater, warm tones highly suggested!

I find that light blue or simply just white shirts look best under black or grey sweaters. You have got to own a knit sweater. I’ve mentioned this many times, they come in handy over the cold season! If you don’t have any of the aforementioned, you can just throw a plain tee on and wear a zip up hoodie or coat over it. Simplicity works wonders.

#3. Any pair of jeans or trousers will work out, preferably dark! Oh, look for a brown belt too!

Just grab any pair off your shelf/rack/wherever you keep your pants that comes to mind- the stylish person in you will eventually find something to match whatever you already have on. Brown belts just match dark pants, trust me.

#4. Everybody should have a pair of dress socks, bonus points for you if a funky/stylish pair turns up!

Dress socks, hella comfy in the winter season. Chuck em on and then throw on some boots to stay cozy. Honestly though, dress socks with any kind of pattern on them will make or break your outfit, depending on what you’ve chosen to wear, because remember, your shoes will be off! Maybe.

#5. Keeping in mind this is a last minute outfit, just throw on any pair of shoes you feel comfortable with or that are convenient to wear!

I know I’ve mentioned countless times that shoes are the fundamental aspect of your outfit, but in this case any pair should suit you fine. I mean, if you’re not in a rush then you can take your time to make a decision. Assuming you have different pairs to choose from.

Hope you could make some use of what I had to share! Once again, Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!